Discover one of the most beautiful villages in the Bay of Arcachon: L’Herbe 🤩


In the heart of the Bassin d’Arcachon, in the hollow of the Cap-Ferret peninsula, two villages that came to be almost secret could have remained so, but their charm over the years has made them a success.

The village of L’Herbe, located between the Canon and the Port de la Vigne, is the only village in the Bay of Arcachon to be listed as a ‘French picturesque site’.



A unique identity for this small village on the Bay of Arcachon, with the soul of a fishing and oyster-farming village.

The history of this little village on the Cap Ferret peninsula is linked to Léon Lesca, the public works contractor best known for building the port of Algiers. This construction enabled him to make a fortune, and so in 1860 he was able to buy half the peninsula for a pittance, 15km of coastline from Claouey to Bélisaire.

Léon Lesca was a French industrialist from La Teste de Buch, where he was mayor in the 19th century.


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So he became an active citizen in the Gironde region, taking part in local development by exploitingthe forest, building schools and railways and trying his hand at vine-growing (hence the village name ‘La Vigne’). When he arrived on the peninsula, Cap Ferret and the surrounding area were virtually deserted, with no homes and no activity. But thanks to him and his investment, he helped to colonise the area and build and install fishermen’s huts.

It was also Léon Lesca who was responsible for one of the main works in the village de l’herbe in 1865: La Villa Algérienne (which no longer exists) and its chapel, Moorish-style buildings surrounded by a large garden planted with trees, as a tribute to his years spent in Algeria.
All that remains today is the Chapel, which can also be visited.



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The Chapelle is on the Boulevard de la Plage, on the edge of the Bay of Arcachon. It faces the sea, so to speak! You can contemplate it on foot, but also from the water thanks to the boat trips organised by various service providers from Cap-Ferret or Arcachon.
It’s a relaxing and enjoyable landscape, where you can feel the iodine in the air, the wind brushing against your face, the sun warming you… To do this, take the time to rest on the little bench beneath this original and atypical tree.


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The fishermen’s huts in the village of L’Herbe were built at the end of the 19th century. They were invented to make life easier for oyster farmers and fishermen in their work: store, process and do everything on site so that they no longer had to return to the port of Gujan. Today, these huts are also their homes.

The huts have been modified and improved, but today they remain a magnificent heritage of the Bay of Arcachon.


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You’ll fall under the spell of this village from another era. Narrow streets covered in oyster shells, colourful huts, falling flowers, and between the huts splendid views over the blue waters of the basin. It’s a truly peaceful and relaxing atmosphere...


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If you’re on the Bay of Arcachon, you must visit this wonderful little village. It’s a lively village (especially during the summer season) where you can enjoy oysters with a glass of white wine and a splendid view, and if you keep your eyes peeled, you’ll even see the Dune du Pyla in the distance!


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